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Humberto Ramírez | March 2023

Humberto Ramírez (b. 1982 Guadalajara, México) lives and works in Guadalajara.

We discovered Humberto Ramírez’s work last November in Guadalajara within the frame of  ‘Estación Material’ Feria de Arte Contemporáneo. In recent years, Guadalajara has seen the development of a web of institutions, galleries, and artist-run spaces that have helped to position the city as the second most important cultural and artistic referent in Mexico. The wonderful frescoes by Clemente Orozco in the Hospicio Cabañas deserve special mention, as well as the exhibition program of this institution. Navigating through the newest spaces and projects, we found CAL (Cooperativa de Agentes Líquidos) [Cooperative of Liquid Agents] and there, the group exhibition “ALL”, where we saw and fell in love with Ramirez’s work. 

His most recent search is born from drawing —from where he also starts for his processes in sculpture, installation and painting— built from the generation of images saturated with objects, conjunctions of ideas and polyvalences. Each drawing is an independent story and at the same time a fragment of a larger one.


Each story, or set of them, tries to describe or reflect on themes suggested in different realities: the relationship with other species and the natural environment; the different forms and functionalities of objects and organisms; the transformation or manipulation of matter, excess and aggression; and the idea of ​​the ambiguity with which phenomena can be assimilated due to the endless web of images, not only visual but also as information, thought and imagination.

His work has been exhibited around Mexico and internationally, being recently selected for the IX Bienal Iberoamericana de Obra Gráfica de Cáceres, Spain (2021). Naked was the first time the artist participated in an exhibition in Spain.

If you have any questions or are interested in the works by this artist, please contact Blanca or Clara at

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