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Alberto Ardid | July 2022

Alberto Ardid (b. 1986, Vigo, Spain. Lives and works in Vigo)

Alberto Ardid is a visual artist, although he often defines himself as a ‘multitasking moonlighter’. Ironic like his work, Ardid employs three dimensionality as a fail-proof formula for synthesizing complex ideas and bringing to life pieces that exist in the intersection between perception and matter. His pieces are proof of the incongruity of life and make evident all that falls outside the margins. We can truly say his work is alive, as it is constantly transforming and generating new meaning. 


Ardid works avidly to create what doesn’t exist from what already exists, leaning always towards achieving the maximum contrast. He employs construction materials and visual references that, once out of context and pieced together, generate multiple symbols and hint to history and mass culture references. From these fusions, new concepts and forms arise and it is in this juncture that absurdity manifests itself. Glue is his ally for materializing the harmony that is generated from contrasts. 


His conceptual art references are Marcel Duchamp and Nadja Buttendorf, but of course, he combines inspiration from a vast array of disciplines and perspectives, like Mies with his ‘less is more’, the protagonists Werner Herzog’s fictions and Carles Congost and his many characters.


Alberto lives and works in Vigo, and combines his artistic endeavors with teaching  graphic design and book layout at the Fundación Igual Arte. 

If you have any questions or are interested in the works by this artist, please contact Blanca or Clara at

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