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Whitney Lorenze | August 2020

Whitney Lorenze (1996, New Haven, CT) lives and works in New Haven.

"I make thick, graphic pictures with clear colors and totemic forms. They are neither illusionistic nor abstract. Instead, I set out to realize in symbols and shadows an admittedly mundane kind of tension; one I like to compare to that deceptively languorous but watchful manner typical of adolescents. But it is an ardent and lustful pictorial world, made of these tangible half-fictions. And it is grounded both physically and emotionally in secret, dream-like, late-evening pockets of our own. Like a slow rolling car crackling out of a driveway. Or headlights throwing a lined shadow across a black bedroom. Or when the afternoon sun shines through the day’s humidity. In their simple and earnest and primordial modality, my paintings are conceived here. They have few ulterior motives."


Born in 1996, Whitney Lorenze is a New Haven-based painter, printmaker and draftswoman who received her BFA in Drawing from the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts in 2019. Graduating Cum Laude and with distinction in her major, Lorenze was the recipient of two merit-based scholarships for her four years at the Academy. Lorenze has exhibited in venues including Proto Gomez Gallery, NY; the Florence Griswold Museum, CT; Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, CA; Kehler Liddell Gallery, CT; Marquee Gallery, CT; and Hygienic Gallery, CT, and has participated in online exhibitions with Binder Projects and Marram Arts. Lorenze completed a residency at Arts, Letters and Numbers in Averill Park, NY in the fall of 2019, and she will be an artist-in-residence at the Sable Project in Stockbridge, VT in 2021.

If you have any questions or are interested in the works by this artist, please contact Blanca or Clara at

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