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SuJung Jo | October 2022

SuJung Jo (b. 1994 Seoul, South Korea) lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

SuJung is a lens based artist working with photography, painting, paper making, sculpture and installation. She uses light as a metaphor that allows her to explore insecurities and fragility. 

“I make it tangible [fragility] in order to confront it. Simultaneously, my instinct is to withhold my weaknesses, which leads to shielded, veiled, fragmented, and distorted images, which I achieve through stitching, painting, and sculpting. Because I suffered from migraines since childhood, and went through cancer, I am deeply interested in how vulnerable human life is.”

Her current body of work lies in the illusion created by the three-dimensionality of layered organza, which allows for a topographical perspective on fragility. She photographs very personal and vulnerable moments, but by applying layers of image-printed organza to the photographs, veiling and distorting them, she protects the privacy of the situation depicted. Her pieces require you to stop and consider the details concealed within the medium and the image.

If you have any questions or are interested in the works by this artist, please contact Blanca or Clara at

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