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SGR Galería x La Pera Projects | September 2022

SGR Galería: Camila Barreto, Javier Morales and Juan Uribe

SGR Galería, based in Bogotá, Colombia, was founded in 2014, focusing on latinamerican contemporary art. They work closely with young, emerging artists, representing a vast array of practices that span from very visual to conceptual discourses, thus offering a broad perspective of the diversity and complexity of artistic discourses that are being produced in Latin America today. 


In April 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, they launched #SGRpromo with the idea of promoting the sales of their artists digitally. Sharing this same mission, it is our pleasure to be able to collaborate in this presentation of the work of three Colombian artists represented by the gallery: Camila Barreto, Javier Morales Casas and Juan Uribe. 

Camila Barreto (b.1982, Bogotá, Colombia), lives and works in Sopó, Colombia

Barreto holds a degree of Visual Arts from Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Bogotá,  Colombia (2009). Her work is the product of the development and creation of a language of her own in a quest for understanding her own path through life.  Through collage, painting and printmaking, different stages of time and space are held together in an ever evolving continuous path that converge in her own search for affirmation and presence in this world. 

Solid and firm compositions emerge like decisions taken with certainty and courage. Other forms are big and anthropomorphic like warriors looking for company and support in their deepest solitudes. Other times, her pieces are light and transparent, as waves of infatuation and daydreaming arise.

The Tótems are pieces of adoration to family, whichever this might be or however form it takes. With sticks and annexes, she shapes the reality that she wishes for her own family.  “These pieces are done over canvas, I get it wet, I twist them, I paint them, I peel them, I dye them and then I paint them again, cleaning and washing away the patriarchal ideas that make me trip and stumble with every sign of  weakness – my own and others’.”

Javier Morales Casas (b.1993. Ibagué, Colombia) lives and works in Ibagué, Colombia

Morales holds a MA in Visual Arts by Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. Moving between austerity and hermeticism, his paintings draw from diverse art history references such as Egyptian figuration, the Flemish Primitives or Haitian Voodoo painting. Morales’ paintings are creations of internal universes that happen in small tropical pueblos, where the human and non-human touch. His manner of preceding is intertwined with intuition and uncertainty, and he is constantly amazed by the impermanence of living matter.

Juan Uribe (b.1985 Bogotá, Colombia) lives and works in Bogotá, Colombia

Uribe holds a MA in Visual Arts with a concentration in Fine Arts from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (2009). His work, spanning text, drawing, collage, painting and sculpture, offers a latin american perspective on the power dynamics created by the teachings of occidental Art History. Absorbing the narratives but not accepting them, Uribe represents them entangled with humor, irony and irreverence thus challenging the dominance and privilege held by canonic occidental masterpieces as well as the cult around their artists.

If you have any questions or are interested in the works by this artist, please contact Blanca or Clara at

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