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Third Degree Series with La Pera Projects

Updated: Mar 30, 2022


Whitney Lorenze

Today we are continuing La Pera Projects Third Degree Series.

We have asked the same questions to some of our Collectors, Artists, Friend Curators and Colleagues in the Industry. Get to know them through the Third Degree with La Pera.

TODAY meet art collector Gabriel de La Esperanza, who owns a piece from our own Whitney Lorenze.

  1. You are addicted tothings that are always different even when they are the same

  2. What is art for you? the ability to create something that makes someone feel a certain way very specific to that something

  3. Name a necessary change in the art world affordable framing!

  4. Favorite artist or work of art living: Rita Ackermann; dead: Pablo Picasso

  5. The best advice you have ever received Don't be who you are, be who you want to be

  6. Three galleries or platforms you follow Unit London, @meetmyproject, @houseofhoney

  7. What moment do you enjoy the most as a collector? The first moment you receive the piece, put it down and take two steps back to look at it from afar

  8. Dream work Independent food critic

  9. WhatsApp, text or call? WhatsApp with 1-2 days delay

  10. Favorite fruit? La pera!


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