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Third Degree Series with La Pera Projects

Updated: Mar 30, 2022


Jean Oh

We've asked 10 questions to some of our favorite artists, collectors, curators and colleagues in the art industry. We are pleased to share the responses of Victor Manuel, one of our #LaPera Collectors.

  1. You are addicted to… art galleries in general and online art galleries in particular.

  2. What art is for you? Any type of expression that makes the spectator feel something.

  3. Name a necessary change in the art world - Something that you have been doing with contemporary artists that is giving them visibility through channels that are different from usual.

  4. Favorite artist or work of art - Artists, many. Pieces, innumerable. I have seasons and moments. I couldn’t pick one artist only, and even less one piece only. Impossible. However, right now, and taking it home, one of the artists that mesmerizes me is Nestor Sanmiguel Diest. His manner of working and his reasoning leave me speechless every time. Pieces? Now that we are speaking about this great artist I’ll say that one of my own modest collection ‘Un ciudadano saludable (28/07/99)

  5. The best advice you have received… Observe, look, listen, read, investigate, study, ask, receive advice, learn, and buy only that which makes you feel something.

  6. Three galeries or platforms you follow- Only three? Carlier Gebauer, Galleria Lumbreras, Galeria Metro and of course la pera

  7. What moment do you enjoy the most as a collector? Why collect? Each and everyone of the moments but frankly being able to observe, as time passes, the pieces you have acquired. Why collect? To enjoy what I like.

  8. Dream work: whichever that excites me, that makes me feel something and that is small enough so that my partner won’t kick me and the new piece out.

  9. WhatsApp, text or call? Whatsapp always.

  10. Favorite fruit? This is a trick question that I won’t answer because you already know the answer ;)


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