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Third Degree Series with La Pera Projects

Updated: Mar 30, 2022


Karen Palsdottir

We've asked the same 10 questions to some of our favourite artists, collectors, curators and colleagues in the art industry. Today we present you the answers of Karen Ösp Pálsdóttir (@kronosp), she is truly #LaPera:

  1. You are addicted to..? Learning new skills. Especially when the skill I am learning enhances another skill I already have.

  2. What art is for you? I think that it ranges, it can be an experience, a way to express yourself, or a way to feel connected.

  3. Instagram account we should follow @manjithapp, @rae_klein, @hannahlknox, @artmazemagazine, @toyinojihodutola

  4. Name a necessary change in the art world I would love for the art world to be more inclusive and more accessible.

  5. The best advice you have received Create create create and edit later.

  6. Favorite artist or work of art Kerry James Marshall, Matisse, Pegge Hopper, Jenny Morgan, Alex Katz

  7. Tell us about your next project I have been meaning to do this for awhile but I want to make a series of 10 small 8x8 paintings, I have also been thinking about expanding outside the canvas and maybe playing with some different materials.

  8. Your color To no surprise it is Cobalt blue, however I also love the color Yellow Ochre.

  9. Dream museumTeshima Art Museum

  10. Favorite fruit?I LOVE fruits so I have to name a few: Watermelon, red grapes, cherries.


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