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Third Degree Series with La Pera Projects

Updated: Mar 30, 2022


Tiffany Wang

Produce Junction. Image courtesy of Tiffany Wang.

Today, we are continuing La Pera Projects Third Degree Series.

We have asked the same questions to some of our Collectors, Artists, Friend Curators and Colleagues in the Industry. Get to know them through the Third Degree with La Pera.

TODAY meet artist Tiffany Wang, whose work invites us to question the most ordinary of objects.

1. You are addicted to… BAGGUs! I own way too many

2. What is art for you? Art is a way to see the world differently and imagine other possibilities.

3. Instagram account we should follow: @bonpon511

4. Name a necessary change in the art world: Make art more accessible! More diversity in institutions; better pay for artists and art workers.

5. The best advice you have ever received: My grandpa would always say: "Everything natural is best."

6. Favorite artist or work of art: 'Ttéia 1,C' by Lygia Pape

7. Tell us about your next project: My next project is to paint vignettes of my mother's home. My mother is a great influence and inspiration to me, and the corners and nooks inside her house are teeming with all sorts of beautiful belongings that tell her story.

8. Your favorite color: Rainbow 🌈

9. Dream museum: Botanical garden meets art museum with plenty of artist-led workshops.

10. Favorite fruit? Plantains! Whenever I see them, I pick some up to have on hand for frying.


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