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Sophia Belkin is LA PERA

In this series we asked our artist to answer 6 questions that are LA PERA.

Here are Sophia Belkin's answers and her embroidery of a pear, done on lace patterned plastic

Last museum/gallery you visited:

Good Children gallery in New Orleans

A reading on art you recommend:

How the Microbiome Challenges Our Concept of Self . It’s a scientific article, but has really impacted the way that I interpret nature in my art work.

Place you wish to see your work exhibited one day:

I'd love to have a solo in Europe in the next year or two.

Exhibition you enjoyed and why:

I really loved the show Wild Life: Elizabeth Murray & Jessi Reaves at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh. The pairing of these two artists was unusual and exciting, and highlighted the materiality and playfulness in both their practices.

Reference artist or artists:

Recently I have been really admiring the work of Kari Cholnoky, Julia Bland, and Umico Niwa.

An artwork you love:

Gustav Klimt's Pine Forest painting at the Baltimore Museum of Art.


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