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Nicolas Vander Biest is LA PERA

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

In this series we asked our artist to answer 6 questions that are LA PERA.

Here are Nicolas Vander Biest's answers and a painting (acrylic on cotton paper).

Nicolas Vander Biest Pain Pear Done
Nicolas Vander Biest

Last museum/gallery you visited:

Fundación Jumex, Mexico City

A reading on art you recommend:

Writings on art make me nervous in general as they are overexplaing the art. The recently discovered One word poem by David R. Slavitt is great though. It explains a one word poem.

Place you wish to see your work exhibited one day:

Sunday-S Gallery in Copenhagen, (I've never been there, just know the space from Instagram but the architecture is just perfect. Any work looks amazing in that space)

Exhibition you enjoyed and why:

John Baldessari in Fundacion Jumex in Mexico-City. It was the first physical show with so much important works by Baldessari I saw. It is no secret that I want to be John Baldessari when I grow up.

Reference artist or artists:

I could put a few obvious references of (mainly) dead artists who serve as an example but I prefer to put fellow artists that I admire... Laas Abendroth, lefki Savvidou and joseph O'Neal

An artwork you love:

The piece of this year is definitely She said U R not an artist I said well how do you explain this then? by Justin A McHugh ( I'll send the image too)

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