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In the studio with Iván Forcadell

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Meet the person behind the artist, Iván Forcadell (b. 1993, Alcanar, Tarragona, Spain).

Forcadell gives us the inspiration for his art and life in the intimacy of his studio, located in his hometown village Alcanar.

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The Catalan artist Iván Forcadell, has been surrounded by papers, coloring pencils and fabrics since childhood, making art his instrument to express himself and a channel to live freely. His work, marked by his life experience, folklore and his decision to face what is considered uncomfortable by the majority, offers a picturesque and iconographic landscape of central and rural Spain.

Ivan Forcadell

La Pera Projects collaborated with the artist to create its first editorial project “La Vida de La Pera” ("The Life of a Pear"), a fun and carefree story that refers to the traditional and rural world always present in Forcadell's work. The coloring book’s illustrations are the starting point for the six original drawings by the artist. In these, Forcadell reinterprets his visual language from humor and irony, highlighting its simplicity and its pure and naive forms. Through this story, the artist is experiencing a new way of interacting with the viewer. He invites us to intervene in his pages, to color his sketches, and he opens the doors to a parallel universe in which innocent and surrealist beings come to life perkily.

Ivan Forcadell

The collaboration of Iván Forcadell x La Pera Projects consists of 25 copies of the artist's edition book, signed and numbered by hand. You can check out a PDF version of the coloring book here.

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