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In the making with Lihi Turjeman

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

We would like to share a video of artist Lihi Turjeman in collaboration with fellow artist Tomer Azulay. In the video, both artists are working in an abandoned private building—historically neglected places of a long-forgotten marginal past. By entering these spaces and activating a kind of painterly archaeology while mapping the strata of these buildings’ hidden domestic traces, the artists remove wall paint layers to then transfer the vestiges and pieces into canvases of different sizes.

Signs of domesticity alongside neglect and disintegration become phantom images, leftovers from those who populated the house in its final years. The artists’ action intends to give these walls, and thus the memory of those forgotten people a second life.

Lihi Turjeman (b. 1985 Tel-Aviv, Israel) lives and works between Tel-Aviv and Turin.

Turjeman's multidisciplinary practice encompasses large-scale paintings, installations, performance, and drawing. Her work, almost always of monochromatic nature, can be categorized as action painting, in which she performs physical actions on the surface of the painting, ‘mapping’ and scratching the surface. She documents geography and history, revealing layers of personal experiences marked by a constant urban, social and human decay.

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