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Exhibition Walkthrough with Alberto LABAD

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Accompany Spanish artist Alberto LABAD (b. 1940, Bilbao, Spain) as he walks thorugh the galleries of his 2019 solo show at the Frax Foundation in Alicante, Spain.

Today we would like to share a video of Alberto Labad’s solo exhibition, "Another Painting", which took place at the Frax Foundation in Alicante from April to June 2019. For this show the artist exhibited around a hundred works, past and recent, which allowed spectators to experience the painter's oeuvre. The artist has been perfecting his minimalist signature style over 55 years of intense dedication to art, working usually with oil on pure linen canvas, though he has also used stuccoed charcoal for his drawings.

Any subject that Labad addresses in its paintings: be it woman, man, chair, object, or fruit, is transformed by his unique, meticulous style that is characteristic of his pictorial identity.

Alberto Labad is a self-taught painter with a professional career spanning more than 55 years. With great institutional presence, his work has been presented in national and international exhibitions. Among the most recent: Gallery Friedmann-Hahn, Berlin (2020), Fundación Frax (2019), and Galería Marlborough Madrid (2017). Also worth mentioning is his participation in historical exhibitions such as III Basque Navarra Painting Biennial (1978), Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon (1978), Art-Expo, Barcelona (1977), Galería Juana Mordó, Madrid (1977), Spanish Institute Gallery, New York (1976), among many others.

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