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Updated: Mar 30, 2022

El Museo del Barrio presented the first national large-scale survey of Latinx contemporary art featuring more than 40 artists from across the United States and Puerto Rico. Originally planned for Fall 2020, the show was reconceived and expanded as a yearlong initiative, the exhibition debuted summer 2020 with online projects followed by an onsite exhibition in Las Galerías (Galleries) opening Spring 2021.

Estamos Bien was inspired by the critically acclaimed and historic The (S) Files exhibitions held at El Museo between 1999 and 2013, which provided a platform for emerging Latino and Latin American artists from the New York metropolitan region. Reconceived as a Triennial, the exhibition for the first time expanded its scope to a national scale including artists from California, Texas, Florida, Chicago, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, as well as from the Tristate Area. Utilizing an intersectional approach to Latinx identity, the Curatorial team selected artists representing a diversity of generations, genders, ethnic, and racial backgrounds.

The Museum of Pocket Art, founded in 2004 by artist Robert Jackson Harrington, displayed a selection of artwork from over 200 artists spanning their 16-year history.

MoPA Museo del Barrio

Additionally, three shows were presented live and rotated over the course of the exhibition. These included Tmesis Pieces by Peter Hoffecker Mejia, Four Years, Every Single Day by Tammie Rubin, and pharmaart by Michelle Ellsworth.

MoPA Museo del Barrio

We suggest some reviews on the Triennal in the links below:

and we encourage you to learn more about El Museo del Barrio and The Museum of Pocket Art.


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