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El mundo es un pañuelo (de papel)

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Two of La Pera Projects' artists Hernán Rivera and Héctor Madera shown together back in 2015 at El Museo del Barrio in New York.

Museo del Barrio

Installation view with works by Héctor Madera.

I still remember the opening of the exhibition "CUT N’ MIX: Contemporary Collage" at El Museo del Barrio. I was invited by my dear friend Izam Zawahra, founder of ZAWARHA ALEJANDRO who represents Puerto Rican artist Héctor Madera. The ambiance was fresh, fun and above all very Caribbean. I met a lot of interesting people that day and was pleasantly surprised when the guys of Calle 13 showed up. What I didn't know at a time is that five years later, I would have the honor of showcasing works by Madera himself and by another one of the artists included that day in the exhibition: Chilean artist Hernán Rivera.

Hernan Rivera

Portrait of Hernán Rivera Luque. Courtesy of the artist.

At that time I wasn't acquainted with the work of Hernán Rivera Luque and now, discovering that he and my longtime friend Héctor Madera had been in this show together made me smile and realize what a small world we live in. Both Rivera and Madera have mastered the use of paper as one of their signature mediums. Rivera Luque's work is abstract and geometric while Madera's trademark is humorous figurativism. However, both artists charge their compositions with emotional significance and symbolism.

Hector Madera

Many years after visiting this museum show, I am proud to say that both artists are again under the same umbrella at La Pera Projects.

Written by Blanca Pascual Baztán,

Co-founder, La Pera Projects.

Héctor Madera and I in his studio, CDMX, July 2020.

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