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  • Manuela Muñoz

An interview with An Wei

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

We asked An Wei 12 random questions for you to get to know him better.

You are from Madrid and you have worked and lived here all throughout your professional life. Is there anything the city lacks and which are the opportunities it has for artists?

The biggest advantage of living in Madrid is that you can survive with very little compared to other big cities. I think it is lacking in the coexistence of different artistic disciplines.

Is it hard to devote yourself to painting in Madrid?

I can only say that it is possible with tons of work. It requires patience and the ability to not lose hope. The ‘pain threshold’ is different for everyone hahaha.

Pears in the making in his studio during our visit in October 2022.

Do you see yourself in Madrid in the long run?

I love Madrid, but I'm longing to spend a season abroad. My priority is my projects. I live in the present and whatever comes my way will be welcomed.

Where will be An exhibiting in 2027?

On the other side of the Atlantic, and I do hope much sooner than that.

You can only paint 3 objects for the rest of your life, which ones do you choose?

Cigarettes, columns and bricks. 🚬🏛🧱

Who are your artistic influences?

Zurbarán, Masaccio and Cezanne.

From where do you take inspiration?

I'd say that everything sprouts from observation, maybe because when I was younger I was very introverted and I developed more of that skill. I tend to look at small details around me and then I translate them with my painting.

Do you listen to music while painting?

Always. In the morning when I start I listen to classical music and from 6pm on, tecnaso (techno)

Any music recommendation for our Collectors’ Circle?

I would recommend two songs given what I said before:

Eden, by Hania Rani.

The Bee, by Red Axes.

What is the weirdest comment you have received about your work?

Just today a friend told me that my work is essentialist; Is not entirely odd but I thought I was very peculiar.

Who is Fernandina?

Fernandina can be my neighbor or yours.

What is your favorite fruit?

The longan, also known as dragon’s eyes. 🐉👁

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