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Pablo Colomo | April 2022

Pablo Colomo (b. 1988 Madrid, Spain) lives and works in Madrid.

Some weeks ago Pablo Colomo welcomed us in his Madrid apartment. His studio is a little far from the city center and he has been working very comfortably from home, he confessed. In this intimate space we got to see his work in person for the first time. Colomo’s work is at the same time intimate and traditional, melancholic and deeply personal. The subjects of his paintings are inspired by his friends and family, and the emotional value in them is evident at a first gaze. These characters could perfectly be your own loved ones as Colomo is skilled in representing scenes that feel common to all. His work is honest and familiar, it feels close yet universal. 


He is drawn to spaces, objects, and the human body, specially in relation to how light reflects upon them. In a pictorial quest for expressing light, Colomo experiments with different photographic accidents and the results of playing with different optical illusions. Colomo’s pieces emanate the sensibility and subtlety that characterize the artist.


Pablo Colomo began painting autonomously at age 15 to later enroll at the Bachelor in Arts by the Escuela de Artes y Oficios de La Palma in Madrid. He later entered the school of Fine Arts at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, after preparing himself at the workshop of Javier Pamplona in 2007. He continued his studies in digital illustration with painters like Nicolás Uribe, Nick Alm or Pere Navarro and has participated in international artists residencies that have served him to explore new subjects in his small-scale paintings.

Colomo belongs to the collective "El Tercero de Velázquez" that promotes new ways of approaching art based on encounters with the artist, allowing for the interchange of ideas in intimate contexts. Established Spanish artists like Ouka Leele and Javier de Juan are part of this collective, which in recent times is admitting younger and upcoming artists.

If you have any questions or are interested in the works by this artist, please contact Blanca or Clara at

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