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Lihi Turjeman | May 2021

Lihi Turjeman (b. 1985 Tel-Aviv, Israel) lives and works between Tel-Aviv and Turin.

Turjeman multidisciplinary practice encompases large-scale paintings, installations, performance and drawing. Her work, almost always of monochromatic nature, can be categorized as action painting, in which she performs physical actions on the surface of the painting, ‘mapping’ and scratching the surface. Her work documents geography and history, revealing layers of personal experiences marked by a constant urban, social and human decay.


In these drawings, belonging to the "Canaan" series, Turjeman presents abandoned landscapes: nature perturbed by the action of men. No man's land, blocked paths and monuments condemned to oblivion are some of the scenes depicted in these sorrowful images. The sites are real landmarks in the land of Israel/Palestine. The power of this collection of small drawings lies in the disharmonious view it offers of the calmness of nature, the contradicting serenity of the Promised Land. 


Turjeman studied her MFA and BA at the Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem. She has exhibited widely during the past decade at important venues such as The Israel Museum of Arts in Jerusalem, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Center for Contemporary Art (CCA) in Tel-Aviv, Haifa Museum of Art, Quartz Studio Turin, Italy, Sommer Contemporary Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Le Corridor, Cité International des Arts, Site du Marais, Paris, among many others. Turjeman has received numerous grants and residency awards, including International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP), NY (2018), NARS Foundation, New York (2018), Fondazione Spinola Banna per l’arte, Italy (2017), Cite International des Arts, Paris (2015) and the Loren and Mitchell Perser Award for Excellence in Painting (2010).

If you have any questions or are interested in the works by this artist, please contact Blanca or Clara at

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