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Leticia Sampedro | June 2020

Leticia Sampedro (1986 Bilbao, Spain) lives and works in Brooklyn. 

With notions of traditional design in mind, Sampedro’s abstract paintings explore composition, color, texture, and form. Her work challenges logic by synthesizing graphical representations of data, symbols, and writings influenced by poems and aphorisms, haikus, advertising taglines, and self-help statements. Color often plays two roles, acting both as a formal element and as a communication system.


Informed by her performance practice, the artist uses her body as a channel, directing those vibrations through mixed media and paint onto the canvas. In her work, she explores concepts such as balance, energy, and the limits of linear thinking - which are extended to the composition by challenging visual harmony and formal boundaries. Sampedro seeks to transmit a sense of tranquility using a visual language that it’s influenced by her meditation practices, intuition, and music. 


Leticia Sampedro studied Art Direction at the Miami Ad School (Madrid and Brooklyn). She has recently exhibited at the Czech Center, NY; The Wrong Art Biennial; and CICA Museum, South Korea, among others. Sampedro has been part of performances featured at MoMA PS1, NY; The Knockdown Center, NY; The Highline, NY; and Springbreak Art Show, NY.

If you have any questions or are interested in the works by this artist, please contact Blanca or Clara at

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