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LABAD | June 2021

LABAD (b. 1940, Bilbao, Spain) lives and works in Altea.

“Peras Projectadas”, is a very special collaboration that celebrates the work of Basque painter LABAD, the first anniversary of La Pera Projects, and our insignia and symbol: the pear. We are presenting 5 oil works on coated paperboard - a singular technique mastered by the artist over the years - with a single protagonist, who has served throughout his career as an icon of his work.


Art historians, critics, and collectors note that Labad's work “marks a futuristic minimalist trend,” where a “clean geometry, blurred perspectives,” “robotic bodies, or humanized mannequins coexist with impossible dreamlike natures.” His work has been categorized close to the magical realism style, and has been featured in renowned retrospectives on Spanish painting.


Alberto Labad, a self-taught painter, counts with a professional career and artistic dedication spanning more than 55 years. With great institutional presence, his work has been presented in national and international exhibitions, among the most recent: Gallery Friedmann-Hahn, Berlin (2020), Fundación Frax (2019), and Galería Marlborough Madrid (2017). It is also worth mentioning his participation in historical exhibitions such as III Basque Navarra Painting Biennial (1978), Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon (1978), Art-Expo, Barcelona (1977), Galería Juana Mordó, Madrid (1977), Spanish Institute Gallery, New York (1976), among many others.


“Art continues, nothing stops it. It is associated with life and humanity, birth and rebirth and evolves despite economic crises, established powers, politics, prohibitions, restrictions or pandemics” (LABAD, June 2021).

If you have any questions or are interested in the works by this artist, please contact Blanca or Clara at

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