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Irene Anguita | January 2022

Irene Anguita  (b. 1997, Córdoba, Spain) lives and works in Córdoba. 

Presented by El Chico.

Irene Anguita, employs painting as a means of approaching current codes of representation and for  analyzing her own generation, so concerned with image and self-expression. Moreover, she confesses, her paintings are the result of calculated physical and material actions, which involve new challenges with each work.


Since 2019, her research has focused on the analysis of the party as a social element that differs from routine and where various ways of consuming that define who we are converge: from fashion, to music, to alcohol and even  images -. What began as an analysis of internet images related to  the theme of party, has become a self made imaginary, which evolves and is influenced by the cultural phenomena around it.


Today, Anguita also analyzes scenes of her daily life and that of those around her, always focusing on the youth or her peers. Although the party continues to be one of the central themes of her work, she has incorporated new themes such as driving. Ultimately, the artist seeks to analyze youth, what defines it and common links between individuals. Anguita always wonders if the viewer, regardless of their age, feels identified with the figurative images in her paintings.

Anguita holds a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts by Universidad Complutense de Madrid (2015-2019) and a MA in Investigation in Art and Creation also by la Universidad Complutense (2020). 


Irene Anguita has been presented by El Chico, an independent space for artistic projects founded by Javier Aparicio in Madrid in 2021.

If you have any questions or are interested in the works by this artist, please contact Blanca or Clara at

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