La creación muda

Instituto Cervantes, New York 
211 E 49th St, New York, NY, 10017

June 28th - September 10th

Curated by La Pera Projects

La creación muda (The silent creation) celebrates the magic of the language of art and reflects on the infinite possibilities which exist to generate a dialogue. In this exhibition, a group of artists, all from Spanish-speaking countries, dismiss the idea that language is the only means of common interaction and defend the spirit of art as a way of communication.


In 1916, the German philosopher and essayist, Walter Benjamin, published "On Language as such, and on the Language of Man,” the text from which this curatorial proposal, and title for the exhibition, originated.


The exhibition reflects the subtle differences in artistic "accents" of these creators—Laura Jiménez Galvis, Alba Lorente Hernández, Daniel Mantilla, Fernando Martín Godoy, Hernán Rivera Luque, Quintín Rivera Toro and Alex Valls—from Spain, Chile, Colombia, Cuba and Puerto Rico. Their “language” influences their art, be it the language of history, of destruction, of the city or nature, or of its magic.

The exhibition has been curated by La Pera Projects, a digital curatorial platform that highlights
contemporary artists every two weeks.
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This exhibition has been possible thanks to the Instituto Cervantes in New York. To learn more about their cultural program and activities, please click here.