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Héctor Madera | September 2020

Hector Madera is interested in the minor histories, the B-sides, always getting inspiration from personal experiences and the close observation of life events, which highlight day-to-day struggles. Madera identifies forgotten heroes and their overlooked greatness to explore the ironic and contradictory idea of the highs and lows in everyday life. 

In his practice, Madera explores a variety of mediums with an emphasis on the use of paper; including large-scale collages, cut-outs, pillow-like soft sculptures, magazines, posters, and even t-shirts. By employing colorful geometric patterns and bold abstract doodles to portray feelings of melancholy and mirth, confusion, and clarity, Madera seeks to create an ambiance in which his frustrations are discernible, tangible, shared, and celebrated.

In this special collaboration with La Pera Projects, we are showcasing two works on paper tinted by his Caribbean tone and humor; the two cut-out flower pieces are inspired by Andy Warhol’s flower and the celebrated Matisse’s cut-outs. The use of the Italian iridescent paper in these works creates a trompe l’oeil, forming different figures that leave visible his interest in Pop culture. The neon pieces are some of Madera’s most iconic series. 

Héctor Madera completed an MFA at Brooklyn College (CUNY) in 2011. Madera’s work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in numerous venues from San Juan to New York, France, Italy, and the UK. Among his recent exhibitions are “MADERITA + BOBISITO PRESENTAN: LEYENDAS DE LA CANCHA”, Km0.2, San Juan Puerto Rico, 2020; “Yo nací en un maratón”, Casa Equis, Mexico City, 2020; “Estaba perdido, pero estar perdido nunca se sintió tan cabrón”, SGR Galería, Colombia, 2018; “Cuando uno vive en el paraíso, ya uno no quiere irse tan pronto”, Galería Karen Huber (CDMX, 2018). His work has been featured in El Museo del Barrio, New York; Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, San Juan, Puerto Rico; La Ene Museum, Buenos Aires; Saatchi Gallery, London; and the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, among others. Madera was part of the ArtLink Residency Program (2016) and Fondazione Antonio Ratti Residency program, Como, Italy (2002), and the recipient of the Dave Brown Project (2013); Puffin Foundation Ltd. Grant, Teaneck, New Jersey (2005); and the Lexus Grant, San Juan, Puerto Rico (2005).

Héctor Madera (1977, Bayamón, Puerto Rico) lives and works between Mexico City and San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

If you have any questions or are interested in the works by this artist, please contact Blanca or Clara at

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