Dear collector,


If you are reading this it is because you are interested in being part of La Pera Projects! 


La Pera Projects wants to make contemporary art more accessible and to provide artists with a channel to present their work to collectors like you. We feature one artist, every two weeks, via our Collectors Circle in WhatsApp. Each curated presentation includes a brief introduction to the artist and a selection of five works, priced at a maximum of $600 (plus shipping). This special collaboration serves as a sneak peak of the artists’ practice and the different mediums and formats in which they work. We always have complete portfolios that we can share with additional available pieces. 


If you are interested in receiving our curated selection twice a month, please go to this link. There is no membership fee and you can leave at any time! 


Looking forward to having you joining us at La Pera Projects! 


With love,