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Fernando Martín Godoy | August 2020

Martín Godoy develops his work mainly around painting, to then expand to other disciplines like sculpture, drawing or collage. His work takes inspiration from the real world, often from found images, and from art history itself, to make a particular reading of the world, in which silence, voids of information or what happens in the dark areas of memory come to the center of the scene. Games with geometry, subtlety and synthesis are essential elements in his visual universe. 


"In Your Clothes"series, his portraits take an almost abstract form and they talk about the importance of clothing as a signifier of our personality. The sculpture of the mask belongs to a series in which Martín Godoy plays with his genealogic tree as a structure to present ideas of belonging, identity, and cultural heritage. Each mask represents one of his family members. The collages are very subtle and mysterious interventions in old photographs or books depicting landscapes.  


The artist has exhibited in institutions like CAB in Burgos, Espacio Caja Madrid in Zaragoza, MAG in Elche, Centro Guerrero in Granada, MACUF in La Coruña or Fondation Suisse in Paris, among others. His works are part of numerous public collections nationally and internationally.

Fernando Martín Godoy (1975, Zaragoza, Spain) lives and works in London, UK.

If you have any questions or are interested in the works by this artist, please contact Blanca or Clara at

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