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February 2023


Alberto Ardid, LABAD, Humberto Ramírez and Olivia Baldwin

NAKED is the first exhibition of La Pera Projects in Spain, and it has been made possible thanks to Badr El Jundi gallery in Madrid. In this group show, we present the work of Alberto Ardid (1986, Vigo, Spain), LABAD (1940, Bilbao, Spain), Humberto Ramírez (1982, Guadalajara, Mexico), and Olivia Baldwin (1990, Boston, USA).


The work of these artists exposes material, form, and nature in multidisciplinary creations that are related to each other with the interest of demonstrating the honesty of materials and the reduction of forms.


This group presentation offers an international and multigenerational selection, which pursues our vision of giving voice and visibility to contemporary artists, while creating a bridge between the Americas and Europe. The artists, who have already collaborated with La Pera in the past, are brought together in a physical exhibition that seeks to bring contemporary art closer to a younger audience, rethinking the future of a digital curatorial platform in this post-pandemic era.  

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If you have any questions or are interested in the works by this artist, please contact Blanca or Clara at

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