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La Pera Projects (2020-2023) has been a project co-founded by Blanca Pascual Baztán and Clara Andrade Pereira with the aim of bringing contemporary art and collecting closer to people. A digital platform with a revolutionary soul, La Pera Projects always fought to make art more accessible, bringing contemporary practices closer to new audiences.


In addition to our standard digital presentations, we also organized exhibitions and residencies, participated in art fairs and conferences, and released a podcast, the first one in Spanish, that talked about the art market.


The unequivocal power of the physical experience of art has led us to question the digital nature of our platform. Today, after all our efforts in making the contemporary art market fluent in a digital language, we realize that La Pera's mission has been accomplished.


We hope to stay in touch with all of you; artists, collectors, art professionals, and enthusiasts. Do not hesitate to continue sharing your projects with us at

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